Copy of Branding

Brand Identity for iCreateEverything^8

iCreateEverything^8 is an inspirational jewellery brand. The two creators are strong believers that we have the power to create our own realities. Their goal is to awaken and active this power in every person who feels drawn to it.  By using the power of words, these pieces are ambassadors for their philosophy.

Brand identity

The target audience was pretty hard to determine, but we agreed that it should suit any strong and motivated women who believed in herself. The conception of the logo (the form and the color) was based on the idea of movement, evolution and time. 

This is an ad that was featured in the fashion magazine Garmany in March 2017 (page 11).

These are some attempts for a possible 'starter kit' packaging. The packaging feels personal, creative and dynamic. 

In terms of photography, it was important to show real-life moments and natural women wearing those "Power Beads" in very diverse situations. We added a golden filter to our photography to keep a cohesive aesthetic.