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Google played an important role in the digital representation of the world. The company was founded in 1998 and achieved to be the dominant search engine in the United States market in a few years. Between 2001 and 2007, Google launched three accessible and free tools online that faithfully represent the world we live in: Google Earth (a virtual globe, initially named Earth Viewer), Goole Maps (web mapping) and Google Street View (panoramic views of more that 3,000 cities in 43 countries). Tangible and digital worlds share things back and forth, and this project makes this interaction possible.

« Worldviews » questions the relationship between the reality of the world and the impact humans have on it. The code is a link between what exists, what’s real and physical and what can be created from it, by human intervention, graphically and digitally. We’ve been given a world full of surprises, full of beauty with darker sides that we want to get rid of to live in a better world. We invade this world, and we appropriate it the way we want it to. Earth is complex, huge and tiny at the same time, paradoxical, incredible and terrible. We have a power that we need to exploit. This creative code is an open tool that is based on Google Earth captures and allows to sublime them in infinite ways, depending on how people feel about the images. It’s a bridge between photography, graphic design, programming linked together with a touch of poesy and positivity. It’s a tribute to the planet that welcome us. The book is a collection of fifty-five saved shots from the code that was chosen for aesthetic reasons. It gives the code a physical existence made through a digital experience. 

Eden Tartour