Pantone - Strategy

The goal of this project was to create a pop up space that would allow people to interact with Pantone colors in a real space in order to create a relationship between the brand and the public. The idea in the end is to create pop up spaces in big cities for 24 hours only where people have the chance to drink, dance, meet and discover new color palettes. 


Video: Prototype for a pop up in paris

This is a rough prototype made on SketchUp to show you visually the idea I had in mind. 



This is a picture of my shadows reflected on huge projections of colors at Pipilotti Rist's exhibition at New Museum (NYC). I was inspired by the fact that I became part of the color once I stood in front of it. There was a real connection. 



Also at Rist's exhibiton, I was inspired by the conversations people had in between these huge projections of colors. It worked really well and I wanted to incorporate this concept to my pop up space.